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Unicair, reference in pneumatic herramientas

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Maquinaria Disber Group

UNICAIR is the official brand of MAQUINARIA DISBER SL, a multi-brand manufacturer and distributor specialising in woodworking machinery. Among the Maquinaria Disber brands we can find UNICAIR (pneumatic tools), WOODMAN (woodworking machinery), WOODMAN PROFESIONAL (professional woodworking machinery), BRICO OK (DIY tools) and FREEMAN (battery tools).

Unicair, machinery for carpentry
Unicair, machinery for carpentry

Professional pneumatic tools

UNICAIR specialises in professional pneumatic tools. The high quality carpentry sector has it as its main choice due to its resistance, reliability, design, performance and features.

Unicair Products

Pneumatic nailers

Pneumatic compressors

Pneumatic staplers

Pneumatic tools

Unicair provides optimum results

The aim of UNICAIR is to make the professional’s work easier, to make their work as comfortable and efficient as possible, with the best guarantees of optimum results.


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