Pneumatic Nailers

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Pneumatic Nailers

UNICAIR has a wide range of specialised nailers for different uses in the professional carpentry sector. The reference in carpentry tools on the market.

Furniture and Carpentry Series

Among the nailers focused on furniture and carpentry we find the SERIE 06 and SERIE 08 nailers which are specialised in fixing door trim, mouldings, carpentry and furniture in general.

The SERIES 12 nailers are specially designed for the assembly of doors, carpentry and furniture in general.


Steel nailers

Do you know steel nailers?

Series 1.2/ Series 1.8

Made for fixing skirting boards, battens, plasterboard, wall cladding and slate roofs.

Series 2.2

For decking and heavy carpentry specialises in the fastening of floorboards, parquet, battens, formwork and heavy carpentry. To achieve an optimal and reliable result we have improvements in our own carpentry tools, an example is the NOVA TN/75 nailer, where we can find the design of the special nose for decking.

Series 3.0

The SERIES 3.0 steel nailers are specialised in the fastening of studs, plasterboard walls, false ceiling supports, metal, steel or iron mesh on concrete, wood on concrete, cladding panels, wall supports, C-joists to concrete, floating floor supports.

Professional nailers

With the C-3.0/40 CM and C-3.0/64 CM nailer models the professional saves up to 50% per shot compared to gas nailers. No need to use expensive high pressure compressors, works with conventional compressors between 5.5 and 8 Bars. 2 times faster than gas nailing systems, 5 times faster than powder nailers. Easy maintenance, save time on complex cleaning procedures as with gas nailers. Two-step rear loading: Quick and easy for right and left-handed people. Perfectly balanced and ergonomically designed. Lighter than gas nailers.
When using the pneumatic nailer for driving wood into concrete, the nail intrusion into the concrete has to be a maximum of 20mm.
When using the pneumatic nailer for driving wood into steel or iron, the thickness of the metal must not exceed the diameter of the nail being used.

Nailing machines for wooden houses

Wooden houses are sustainable, technological innovations, research and achieve greater awareness to build in a sustainable, ecological and more environmentally friendly way. The aim is to achieve energy savings and a faster execution, for this, appropriate tools are necessary.
For heavy carpentry, the 34ºDA and 26ºDA SERIES are recommended. The models that make up these series are: C-FAN 1.83/64 N, C-15/50 AB and the C-34/100 AF.
Ideal for the construction of wooden houses as they are specialised in fixing wooden floors, wall cladding and wooden structures.
The RN 21º SERIES allows the construction of heavy carpentry, heavy packaging, assembly and repair of pallets and wooden formwork. The C-RN/160 N, C-RN-130 N and C-RN/90 N are the reference models of this series.

Pallet nailers

The COIL SERIES nailers meet all the conditions to be the ideal models for pallet, packaging and wooden structure joinery work.
The models of the COIL Series are the C-CB/555 P, C-CB/670 P, C-CB/790 P, C-CB/8100 P and the C-CB/8130 P and are specialised in the manufacture and repair of pallets, formwork, frames, packaging and wooden houses.