Pneumatic Stapler

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Pneumatic staplers

UNICAIR has a wide range of specialised staplers for different uses in the professional carpentry sector. The reference in carpentry tools on the market.

A pneumatic stapler is a tool specially designed for automated stapling with greater power on solid platforms such as wood.


Staplers for upholstery

The UNICAIR staplers of the UPHOLSTERY SERIES, as their name indicates, are pneumatic staplers for upholstery and are specially designed for this function with the main objective of facilitating the work of the professional carpenter.

TAPESTRY SERIES are made for specific use in upholstery, furniture, decoration and light wooden packaging. And we can find models such as the pneumatic staplers NOVA 80/16 and the G-80/16 ML N, the long carriage staplers such as the G-80/16 CL or the automatic stapler G-80/16 CL AUT.

Within this series we can find the pneumatic staplers as interesting as the G-PL-80/25R, specialised in stapling bed bases and the upholstery staplers such as the NOVA 71/16, G-80/25 N2, G-CH/16 “B” or the G-CH/16 “D” specialised for upholstering armchairs with its very defined type of nail.

Furniture Carpentry Series

Which woodworking tool is ideal for furniture?

The entire Furniture and Joinery Series is ideal for working with furniture, joinery, light wood packaging and even shoes.
Models such as the UNICAIR G-SJK/16, the G-80/16 or the NOVA 97/25 are perfect and handy for these types of applications. And then there are the NOVA 90/40, NOVA 90/30, NOVA 92/30, NOVA 92/40, NOVA CF15 and the NOVA 14B/50, all of which are larger, more powerful and have larger staple sizes.

Flooring and decking series

Do you know the difference between laminate and laminate flooring? Do you know what type of flooring is used in kitchens and bathrooms?

 And what is more important, do you know which tools are ideal for working floors and platforms?

UNICAIR has a series of pneumatic staplers specialised in flooring and laminate flooring. These staplers are ideal for working with decking, wooden houses, formwork, laminate flooring and frames.

The NOVA 16NC/64 stapler and the G-16-18/50 TAR floor stapler, which is perfect for the fast and efficient installation of hardwood or softwood parquet.

Agricultural Series

What is the ideal stapler for fences and wire fences?

UNICAIR offers solutions for the agricultural sector. We have models of staplers that are ideal for wire fencing, fixing wooden posts, trellises and netting.

The G-OMEGA 18 and 20 staplers, depending on the need, are perfect for wire fencing.

The G-31/40P stapler is a larger, more powerful and reliable model for fixing posts.

Series Packaging

Tools for cardboard boxes?

Easy to use and transport staplers, their performance is ideal for closing cartons, stapling cartons to wood and fixing carpet to wood.
The specialised range includes specialised carton staplers such as the G-CM 19/35, G-CN 19/35 N, G-CR 11/95 R, G-FC/35N and the G-FC/35 P.
One of the most characteristic models for this function is the pneumatic stapler G-PL-80/25 RC, which is ideally suited for the packaging and stapling of cardboard boxes due to its design, shape and performance.
The G-SK/38 model with greater power and dimensions allows the stapling of cardboard boxes on the wood itself. Ideal for fixing them to pallets and wooden structures.