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The UNICAIR brand of compressors is recognised in the professional sector for its expertise, design, technology, service and extensive range of compressors for pneumatic tools.


Unicair Compressors

In the UNICAIR COMPRESSORS for professionals we can find silent compressors, oil-free direct compressors, lubricated direct compressors, battery compressors, belt driven compressors, the Tandem series, direct, inverter and industrial dryers.

Direct compressors

Among the models of oil-free direct compressors we have models such as the most manageable of all due to its weight and design, the FENIX S-100 COMPRESSOR but with a power of ¼ Hp and the HALCON COMPRESSOR which does not exceed 9Kg.

Belt driven compressors

The BELT COMPRESSORS range, ideal for the user who needs more power and capacity, is presented with compressors ranging in capacity from 50 to 500 litres. Among the models we can find the CC-3/50L, the CC-3/100L, the CC-4/200LD and the larger models such as the CC-5,5/270LD and the CC-7,5/500LD.

Silent Compressors

In the range of SILENT COMPRESSORS the user can choose according to their needs, whether in weight, dimensions and capacity, but all of them prioritising their objective of SILENT capacity. We have the silent compressor CS-1.0/6L, CS-1/24L and the CS-2/50L.

Battery Powered Compressor CB-1.3/4L

The CB-1.3/4L battery powered compressor is a new model. It is a battery powered compressor which is supplied with battery and quick charger included. It is a 1/3 Hp compressor with a 20 V 4.0 A.H. LITHIUM battery.

Compressors tamdem/Direct/Inverter series

Tamdem Series Compressors

TANDEM compressors are specially designed to offer a complete solution for your compressed air installation. The compressor consists of a direct-drive screw compressor, an air dryer and boilers with a capacity of 350 to 500 litres. With this system we achieve quality air production in a very small space. The air dryer ensures an excellent quality of the air produced in unfavourable ambient conditions.

It is an interesting series because, among other advantages, it has a direct transmission designed for total efficiency and cost savings, it has a built-in display with an easy and intuitive operation that allows total control of the compressor. And another aspect to highlight is the boiler, which, due to its conditions, allows the air produced to be stored, thus avoiding the continuous operation of the compressor.

Direct Series Compressors

The DIRECTO Series are high-performance compressors. Thanks to the design that directly connects the motor to the screw group, it provides 100% efficiency in the transmission of motor power. This direct transmission system avoids problems related to belt transmissions, such as loosening, wear or breakage that increase the cost of air production and cause inopportune stops.
The panel structure allows easy access to the interior of the compressor for faster and easier maintenance. They also have a screen that allows control and a direct transmission designed for total efficiency and cost savings.

Inverter Series Compressors

Savings compared to conventional compressors!

The inverter compressor allows us to adapt the energy consumption of the compressor to the air demand at all times. The use of the frequency inverter controls the motor revolutions and the air flow generated by the compressor, adapting them to the demand, thus reducing energy consumption to the maximum and providing savings in production costs.

This series of compressors adjusts energy consumption to air demand, generating savings compared to conventional compressors with constant energy consumption.

They have a frequency inverter that controls and adapts air production to the demand of the network at all times. The direct drive is designed for total efficiency and cost savings.

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